• Published: Feb 10th, 2011
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Room 404: Ian Kendall

Thanks for all your comments and feedback to last week’s show – it looks like some of you actually like the show and wanted a second episode. So I invited Ian Kendall to be the next visitor to Room 404 to see what he’d like to rescue from the vault… and in a slight twist to the format, which modern item he thinks deserves to be banished.

The Sinclair ZX81
The Cumana Disk Drive
(for the BBC Micro)
The Atari Portfolio
The Apple iPod

You can follow Ian online at his website (www.iankendall.com), where you’ll find his blog, his love of magic, and details on how to book Ian for your event.

  • Published: Feb 2nd, 2011
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Room 404: Chris Dunphy

For our first visit to Room 404, let’s welcome Chris Dunphy from Technomadia. While he’s been on the road for the last few years, his geek credentials are high, as you’ll hear. So what’s Chris hoping to bring back?

The Commodore Amiga
Ricochet Wireless Modem
The Tapwave Zodiac
Fossil’s Wrist PDA

Follow Chris on his adventures at Technomadia, where you can find out more about the Technomadia iPhone apps as well. And don’t forget to subscribe to the Room 404 podcast feed to make sure you don’t miss the next show!

  • Published: Feb 1st, 2011
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Welcome to Room 404!

It all started with the B3TA Newsletter… number 464 to be precise, and the things we’d really like to see section:

ROOM 404 – a podcast where nerdy guests chat about ten websites / technologies that aren’t there any more but were ace. This week Sir Clive on the QL, wobbly ram packs and the now closed Spearmint Rhino website.

And while I couldn’t get a hold of Clive, I’ve got a contact list that could easily get this sort of show off the ground. And I had a few hours to spare, so here it is. Oh and ten thing is a bit too much, so that’s been trimmed back to just five.

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