• Published: Mar 31st, 2011
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Room 404, with Sascha Pallenberg

This week it’s the turn of Sascha Pallenberg to be welcomed into the depths of Room 404 and try to bring back to the world the forgotten technology of the past. While Sascha today is focussed on tablets and netbooks (at www.netbooknews.com) his wish list shows him to be more of a gamer and sharer.

The Competition Pro 5000 joystick
300 baud modems
The Atari 2600 VCS
The geek culture of “Copy Parties
Bluetooth headsets

You can follow Sascha online via Facebook and his work at Netbook News. As for Room 404, that’s where iTunes comes in handy (or our regular RSS feed if you’re a bit techie).

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2 Responses to “Room 404, with Sascha Pallenberg”

  1. Phil
    on Apr 8th, 2011
    @ 3:43 pm

    Hey! What about the zipstick super pro joystick!
    IMO, much better than the competition pro.
    I’ve still got 2 at home waiting for me to build a PC interface for.

  2. Ewan Spence
    on Apr 8th, 2011
    @ 8:49 pm

    Phil, very similar design – perilously close to “knock off” back in the day, though?

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