• Published: Feb 23rd, 2011
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Room 404 now available in iTunes

In the haste to get Room 404 open in time for the B3ta Newsletter, the normal way of starting a new show didn’t actually happen – there was only one podcast available when people started to flood in, the next guests weren’t lined up, the format of the show was still in flux…

…and there was no listing for Room 404 in iTunes. Much as RSS feeds are readable by many devices and clients, I’ve continued to hear that “people will listen once it’s in iTunes.”

Well, it’s in iTunes now, what are you waiting for?

Room 404 on iTunes

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  • Published: Feb 1st, 2011
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Welcome to Room 404!

It all started with the B3TA Newsletter… number 464 to be precise, and the things we’d really like to see section:

ROOM 404 – a podcast where nerdy guests chat about ten websites / technologies that aren’t there any more but were ace. This week Sir Clive on the QL, wobbly ram packs and the now closed Spearmint Rhino website.

And while I couldn’t get a hold of Clive, I’ve got a contact list that could easily get this sort of show off the ground. And I had a few hours to spare, so here it is. Oh and ten thing is a bit too much, so that’s been trimmed back to just five.

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