• Published: Mar 3rd, 2011
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Room 404: Matthew Cashmore

Matthew Cashmore ventures in to Room 404 to try and bring out his fondly remembered pieces of technology, and smuggle in something modern to the room that time forgot. But if he’s not careful, he’s going to cause a paradox with his list of items:

The Palm IIIxe PDA.
The Commodore 64 home computer.
The Sony Ericsson T68i mobile phone.
His first pair of Beyer Dynamic 100 headphones.
The Sony Minidisc.

Follow Matthew’s adventure as he bikes into work every day at The London Biker, or on Twitter. Don’t forget you can find Room 404 in iTunes – why not consider leaving a review of the show there?

  • Published: Feb 24th, 2011
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Room 404: Dave Delaney

Dave Delaney is this week’s guest, and ventures in to Room 404 to bring back some of the great memories of his childhood, the first wave of podcasting, and reckons he has a solution to all the light induced headaches he’s having. But will he be able to convince webmaster Ewan Spence to let them out?

TSR’s Top Secret RPG
The TRS 80
Bulletin Board Systems
The Fluorescent Light Bulb

Dave can be found online at www.DaveMadeThat.com, or on Twitter  (@DaveDelaney). During the day his work is at Griffin Technology. And you can now subscribe to Room 404 in iTunes!

  • Published: Feb 23rd, 2011
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Room 404 now available in iTunes

In the haste to get Room 404 open in time for the B3ta Newsletter, the normal way of starting a new show didn’t actually happen – there was only one podcast available when people started to flood in, the next guests weren’t lined up, the format of the show was still in flux…

…and there was no listing for Room 404 in iTunes. Much as RSS feeds are readable by many devices and clients, I’ve continued to hear that “people will listen once it’s in iTunes.”

Well, it’s in iTunes now, what are you waiting for?

Room 404 on iTunes

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